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Live services:

We go live on Facebook with Morning Prayer at 8am and Evening Prayer, at 6.30pm, Monday to Friday;  and at 11am on Sundays for the main weekly Eucharist.  You can watch the services live, or at any time afterwards.      The way to access them is to go to the church Facebook Page:    You do not need to have a facebook account, and altough pop ups will appear asking you to register for one you do not need to do so to watch the services 

Morning and Evening Prayer  use orders of service developed for the Community of Christ the Servant at Christ Church, and so are slightly different to those in Common Worship.  However, there are still parts you will find it easy to join in with if you wish, and we announce the psalms and the reading at the start of each service. The services are formal and meditative (they always include at least 5 minutes of silence). The participants are out of sight – we do this because the focus of the service is God, not us!   
The 11am Sunday Service is based on the service form we would use if we were together in Church, but slightly shorter and with fewer hymns and songs. 
Paper copies of the order of Service for each Sunday are posted / emailed out to congregation members and we usually upload them to this website, however at the moment we are unable to do that. 


We stand in solidarity with this movement and support the peaceful demonstrations currently taking place (early June), and some members of our church community have taken part.

News of Future and Recent Events at Christ Church

This Weeks Order of Service and Notice Sheet

Order of service for Morning Prayer

Order of service for Evening Prayer

Order of service for Night Prayer

Some Prayers to use in the present Crisis

A new Midweek Group for local residents

New Vision Statement

The Christ Church PCC have approved a revised Vision Statement for the church, this will be used as a guide as the PCC revise our Mission Action Plan.  You can find out more about the new Vision Statement here: intro to new

Community Of Christ the Servant

The ‘Community of Christ the Servant’ here at Christ Church was founded back in 1983 and although the formal community was disbanded a few years later, for fifteen years or so it remained a vibrant presence in the life of the church and the local community.  More recently the community declined but never completely closed down.  On the feast of Christ the King 2017, five people were commissioned to work together to discern a new way forward for the Community. A year later the Community has grown to nine and they are working re-establish the community.  For further details see the CCS page.

Congregational Groups Go Live

Congregational groups go live

Members of the congregation are invited to join a ‘congregational group’; but this is not compulsory!

This initiative has been developed over the past year.  Recently groups began to take on responsibility for some of the routine tasks involved in the main Sunday service, such as welcoming people and providing refreshments afterwards.  This helps to ensure that the same people are always not left doing the same work.  Just as importantly it provide opportunities for  people to get to know one another better.  So far this has been working well and has also proved to be good fun.  Groups are also encouraged to do their ‘own thing’; maybe to meet to pray or go out for lunch.

If you would like to join a group please speak to one of the church wardens.