The Clock

The Clock

The oak-cased bracket clock on the central tower of the Brixton Road façade is one of the most noticeable features of the building.

The oak-cased bracket clock

As far as we know the present clock mechanism was installed as new when the present church was built.  There is evidence in the clock room that for a time an electric motor was used to drive the clock – however the original clock mechanism is in good working order, and has many years of life ahead.

Renovation of the clock case underwayIn 2012, during the second stage of high level repairs the clock case was repaired and conserved.  At the same time a major overhaul of the mechanism and some adjustments to the gearing restored the clock to life after a long period of inaction.

In 2016 after a few years of faultless operation the clock again began to fail.  Another thorough survey, by a different expert, has revealed major underlying issues with the set up of the clock which date back many years; in particular with the linkage between the motor and the clock faces.

 The clock mechanism

A lack of funds and competing priorities may well prevent the clock being returned to working order.  However to have such a highly visible public clock out of action is disappointing to many who see it.  Currently applications are in hand to grant making bodies to try to secure the necessary funds.

Update: January 2020: The clock has been returned to full working order by H.E.S. Engineering, who showed great commitment in both returning the clock to working order and keeping to budget – Highly recommended.