A Funeral at Christ Church

If you would like to arrange to have a funeral service held at Christ Church, for someone who lived in the parish or who had a connection with the church, this may be possible.  The best way forward is to discuss this wish with the Funeral Director who is organising the funeral for you, and ask them to contact us.  We will always help if we can.

The fees for this are paid to the funeral director who then passes them on to the church.  The church and ministers fees are the same at any Church of England church. There will be an extra cost if you wish an organist or pianist to play at the service at the church, and during the winter there may be a small additional charge for heating.



Burial of Cremated Remains (Ashes)

At Christ Church we have a small garden set apart for the scattering or burying* of the Ashes of those who have been cremated.

If you would like to arrange to have the Ashes of someone placed in the garden, again please just contact us and we can discuss this with you.   If you wish we can combine this with a short service of remembrance in the church during which prayers are said and candles can be lit, before we go out into the garden.

As with all special services the fees for this are set by the Church of England and apply to all parishes.

∗ It is not possible to bury the ashes in a container, but they can be poured into a small freshly prepared hole and then covered over.