Holy Week

Holy Week plays a key role in our worship at Christ Church

Holy Week Events 2018

In one week we go to the heart of the Christian faith using liturgy which enables us to reflect on and even enter into, biblical texts using symbolic action, silence and celebration.  Some of us will find this more helpful and more enriching than others; we are all different and we all worship slightly differently.  But in the variety of events that take place during the week we can all find a place to grow in our faith


Palm Sunday  summarises much of what will be entered into more fully in the days that follow . The service begins with celebration and ends in silence.

A Gospel reading is read from the pulpit

The service begins outside and we use the outside pulpit

The blessing of the palms









We commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.


We hear the Passion of ourd Lord Jesus Christ , respond in prayer, and then share Holy Communion

We hear the story of the last week of Jesus life read from one of the gospels and then share Holy Communion











It is Maundy Thursday which perhaps lies at the heart of Holy Week

The Maundy Thursday service is probably the most unusual service of the year.


We like to take the traditional footwashing a little further

The service contains many symbolic actions which reflect the events of the last supper.








irst the foot is rubbed with salt, then washed in warm water, dired and finally massaged with oil.

The priest presiding at the service is first to wash a member of the congregations feet.

Members of the congregation begin to wash one anothers feet.











This requirers just as much care

Some people prefer to take as much care to wash and massage one another’s hands

This is something that is everyone can share in.

This is something that is everyone can share in.












Food and wine is shared in an informal way.

We share a simple bring and share meal.


We commemorate how our Lord Jesus Christ "took bread, gave thanks and gave it to his disciples saying...."

The meal then becomes something much more special.










but in the end they all deserted him.

After the Last Supper Jesus took his disciples into the Garden of Gethsemane and asked them to watch and pray with him


Good Friday faces us with love.


Jesus is crucified after the crowds who had welcomed him a few days before have shouted for his death.

The cross

Passers by are invited to write post it notes and attach them to the cross, this cross is then taken into the church and used in the Liturgy.

The significance and impact of the crucifixion spans time and culture.







An embroidered cross and associated words, researched and created by Lejla Toth, who spent a year volunteering at Christ Church with 'Time for God'.

Cross words



After a day of silence Easter Sunday

An place of suffering becomes a sign of hope

We are invited to open ourselves to the truth that everything changed, that everything can change, and everything will change. Can we welcome change today?


Nothing can separate us from the love of God

Nothing can crush the love of God












The Easter candle is then lit

We begin in the Garden of the Resurrection – a memorial garden at the side of the church, where we hear of the women’s visit to the empty tomb. The Easter candle is lit and Baptism promises are renewed


Christ is Risen. He is risen indeed




Plainsong one moment, tambourines the next.

The music is different today


Judging an Easter Bonnet competition is tough, even for Church Wardens.